V-Streamer Cloudifier instantly converts Desktop Applications into Web Apps.

Test before you go live to minimise risk


Quick Cloudifier

If you want to migrate to the Cloud, but have been told that your Applications are not "cloud-ready", then contact us. V-Streamer instantly converts all desktop apps to web apps.

If you want to instantly upgrade from Hybrid Cloud to the Cloud, then why not take Cloudifier for a no-obligation, no-risk test?

Convert desktop apps to web apps

Fast. Easy. No Risk!

  • Download V-Streamer, install on your desktop server and click to run
  • Ensure streaming port (80) is open and port-forwarding is enabled
  • Voila! - Your application is available, live on the cloud, with no reduction in security, geographically compliant and with improved response times
  • Run test software for 30 days at no cost


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