V-Streamer instant Cloudifier for legacy apps

Cloud migration?

You want to move your desktop or legacy systems to the cloud. Do it today with V-Streamer Cloudifier


Traditional re-coding can be slow, but V-Streamer enables cloud instantly and very simply, no long-running projects


Install, test then scale as required. Monthly contract with payment in arrears so no financial risk

Benefits for USERS


Click to download  "Quick Cloudifier". Click to install and run. Active in hours


 "Quick Cloudifier" scales from a single user licence as required. Simple pricing per user per month

Zero Training

Users will be entirely at home with  "Quick Cloudifier"  - no new user experience, no training. Easy

User Experience

Because  "Quick Cloudifier"  never transmits any data, the UX is as smooth and slick as using a native screen


Make BYOD easy.  "Quick Cloudifier" runs any legacy app to Windows / Linux / Chrome / IOS endpoints. Same user experience, no additional maintenance


If  "Quick Cloudifier" is setup for co-working, users can share their work environment to securely collaborate with no risk of data loss. Fast and easy

Benefits for MANAGEMENT

Endpoint Security

Zero footprint.  "Quick Cloudifier" never allows data to leave the server, so data cannot be intercepted or lost with the endpoint

Virus protection

 "Quick Cloudifier" cannot transfer or execute files. So cannot transmit or execute viruses

Network Costs

No data is ever transferred because  "Quick Cloudifier" only delivers pixels, delivering large networking savings

Server Security

 "Quick Cloudifier"  never exposes data files directly to the internet. Obscure coding so Hackers get no traction


 "Quick Cloudifier" never allows data to leave the server, delivering Geographic Compliance (GDPR Chapter 5)

Endpoint Costs

"Quick Cloudifier" means expensive endpoints can be replaced with simple Chromebooks, reducing capital spend and running costs

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