Fast, simple, secure BYOD


The fastest, simplest way to implement BYOD

Best results


V-Streamer enables really fast BYOD, no staff training required

Most efficient


Run any workload off any BYOD laptop - secure and compliant

Six requirements for BYOD

Supported Devices


V-Streamer can install in a day and will support any endpoint that has a keyboard - Mac, Chromebook, Windows or Linux

Zero Footprint


V-Streamer offers true Zero-Footprint technology, and transmits Information but NEVER Data, so no data can ever be lost with the endpoint

Very Efficient


V-Streamer is extremely efficient - ultra-low bandwidth and low-end endpoints deliver an extremely cost-effective solution

Ultra-low Latency


V-Streamer offers extreme low-latency, for the best working experience and a totally familiar feeling, even on very large workloads (like CAD)

Secure Server Access


V-Streamer transmits Information, never Data. So no files can ever be transmitted between server and endpoint, giving data security and protection from Malware (viruses)

GDPR Compliance


V-Streamer transmits information, not data, so you can do any work from anywhere, but the data never leaves the server, making you GDPR compliant for location


Fast, Easy, Secure

V-Stremer makes BYOD a piece of cake. V-Streamer downloads as an application on the server, so fast and easy to install and run. No big upfront investments or lengthy projects to make it work. In fact, we recommend that you start with a single user, set it up and test until satisfied, then  repeat with similar users, tweaking as you go. Users require only the most basic training, they will be working on their own standard desktop, so a very familiar environment. V-Streamer runs well over narrow bandwidth allocations, but does require a good connection. Using V-Streamer means that files cannot be transferred to or from your server, making data more secure and making it impossible to become infected by malware via V-Streamer. There is no requirement to manage endpoints with V-Streamer, creating large savings for the enterprise. Access and security is via the company's current standard systems, V-Streamer runs as a presentation layer, so will operate over VPN, with multiple levels of accreditation, while encrypted, etc., meaning the enterprise will be more secure than before.


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