Transfer Information. Never Data

Patent-pending. Zero Footprint. Zero Data Transfer

What ?

V-Streamer is a unique, patent-pending application that delivers secure, compliant and zero-footprint remote access with ultra-low latency for any legacy or desktop application

How ?

Simply install V-Streamer on your server, then ensure access via your security systems and network, and you can work on any application from any desktop, anywhere in the world.

Why ?

Save money, save time, enjoy the best user experience, while reducing the risks of remotely accessing your apps and critical data. 


99-second demo

Benefits for USERS


Extremely low latency - often better responses than working on your laptop


V-Streamer scales from a single user licence to infinity

Zero Training

No training, no new user experience

User Experience

V-Streamer never transmits any data, so User Experience (UX) is as smooth and slick as using a native screen


Make BYOD easy.  V-Streamer runs any legacy app to Windows / Linux / Chrome / IOS endpoints. Same UX, no additional maintenance


If  V-Streamer is setup for co-working, users can share their work environment to securely collaborate without data loss

Benefits for MANAGEMENT

Endpoint Security

Zero footprint.  V-Streamer has no client-side module, and never allows data to leave the server, so data cannot be intercepted or lost with the endpoint.

Virus protection

V-Streamer cannot transfer or execute files. So cannot transmit or execute viruses

Network Costs

No data is ever transferred because  V-Streamer only delivers pixels, delivering large networking savings

Server Security

V-Streamer  never exposes data files directly to the internet. No access to data so Hackers get no traction


V-Streamer never allows data to leave the server, delivering Geographic Compliance (GDPR Chapter 5)

Endpoint Costs

V-Streamer means expensive endpoints can be replaced with simple Chromebooks, reducing capital spend and running costs

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Cranfield University Business Incubation Centre, Conway House, Cranfield, MK43 0AL

+44 7540 233319

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